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Let’s be honest shall we?  Who doesn’t want to look amazing, even when they’re not feeling it?  Or how about when we first wake up?  I can promise you this… Eyelash extensions will make you feel and look sexy even when you’re just waking up!  It is my goal to help you look good on the outside so that you feel good on the inside.  On the other hand, eyelash extensions are a real time saver… You won’t believe how quick you’ll be out the door!

And who better to help you achieve this beauty but a certified specialist in the field. I graduated as an Aesthetician from Destination Academy for Salon and Spas here in Las Vegas, Nevada and have been in the beauty industry since 2006.  Although I delved into skin care and waxing at the onset of my career, I decided to specialize in the application of Individual Eyelash Extensions so I researched many different companies and went with Xtreme Lashes for my training.  I felt that they were the most reputable company for training at that time.

Before getting into the beauty industry, I lived in California and Washington and worked for attorneys for about 17 years as a Legal Word Processing Secretary and Calendar Clerk.  Knowing that I would be moving here to Las Vegas, I decided to go with the Hospitality Industry.  In September, 1999, I started work at Lawry’s The Prime Rib as a Food Server and started my Aesthetic classes in 2005. In 2006 I began my career in the beauty industry.

The reason I got into the beauty industry is pretty simple: I love to make people look good on the outside, so that they feel good on the inside!  (Besides, I’m an instant gratification girl!)  On the other hand, Eyelash Extensions can make you look ten years younger because it really opens up your eyes!

As for charities, I favor Grant A Gift for Autism and have also been involved with American Heart Association, Aid for Aids of Nevada (AFAN) and The Shade Tree. There are several events held by these great organizations. You will find a list on the Event page. I donate to these charities, so be sure to attend as you could be a winner in one of the raffles!

I offer 50% off my regular fee for Full Sets of Eyelash Extensions for all Hospitality Industry, Military and Beauty Industry. Please contact me directly for other pricing either by calling or texting me.

My clientele is mostly word of mouth, therefore when I get a referral from a current client and that referral completes their appointment with me, I offer a free fill to the client who made the referral. Remember SpaLashes is updating our client list. Please go to the home page, click on "Waiver & Release Form" and join the mailing list.

Lash u L8tr, Saundra ;)


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